The Self-Leadership Revolution

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Leadership is Dead!

(I know, real subtle right?)


Now that my clickbait headline has gotten your attention, let me explain...

Leadership AS WE KNOW IT is dead. The Future of Work requires a radically different approach to "leadership" if your organization wants to get (and keep) an edge.

As uncertain or uncomfortable as that may sound, it's actually the best news ever!

To see that the solution to thriving in the accelerating rate of change we are facing is something that is completely within our control should give you comfort, not indigestion...

If you truly believe that the success of your team or company is a direct result of their ability to adapt, to be resilient, to communicate in powerful ways, to be creative and innovative, to feel motivated, and ultimately to feel connected to the work they are doing and the people they are doing it with, then it's time for a REVOLUTION...

"The Self-Leadership Revolution"

I was blown away by the experience JG created for our group! Not only did he share captivating stories that inspired us. Jason also shared practical mental performance tools, which everyone was excited to implement into their individual daily routines afterwards. I can truly say that this one session with Jason had a long lasting, positive impact on our organization. If you have the chance to bring JG in to speak at your organization, do it! He really is the master of AHA's and HAHA's. Thank you JG!

-Sabrina T., Manager, Mercedes-Benz

Let's Chat About Creating An Experience Like 👆🏻 These 👆🏻 For You!

Signature Keynote

Jason "JG" Goldberg literally wrote the book on Self-Leadership and in this high-energy and hilarious keynote filled with tons of AHA’s and HAHA’s, he shares unforgettable and captivating stories (and even Freestyle Rap) along with simple, practical tools that go far beyond “motivation” and instead make a real difference in the lives and work of your team - starting today!

Attendees (who aren’t secretly scrolling on Instagram instead of paying attention) will walk away with:

  • A simple framework for how to vanquish the victim, own their obstacles, and lead their lives
  • JG’s Signature System for maximizing Performance, Purpose, Play, and Presence
  • The ability to Lose the “Wait” and take consistent, purposeful, inspired action (yes, even on that one thing that’s been on your to-do list since 2017)

  • A system to master their minds and overcome fear and self-doubt (without having to sell all their belongings and meditating in the Himalayas)
  • What NASA, Stand-Up Comedians, and Freestyle Rappers can teach you about being a powerful Self-Leader and becoming unshakeable
  • How to LIGHTEN UP so you can LEVEL UP and experience more joy in your life and work.

* This keynote can be tailored for any industry and is perfect for themes including: leadership, motivation, sales, entrepreneurship, communication, resilience, adaptability, team dynamics, employee morale, well-being, performance, productivity, creativity, and innovation.

"Jason rocked our annual conference with his keynote on Self-Leadership! His infectious energy and authenticity really landed with our people. I lost count of the number of mic drop moments of insight and belly-laughs in that hour, but I can assure you, it was a lot!  I would highly recommend JG to anyone looking to transform their peoples mindset and empower them to take purposeful action!"

Desi W.
Senior VP, HPN Global

"JG is like Marie Kondo for the Mind."

Jeanne Y.
Celebrity Stylist to George Clooney, Keanu Reeves, and Robert Downey, Jr.

"Jason spoke at our annual conference and it was fantastic! His high-energy, impactful teaching, and hilarious delivery kept the audience engaged, enthusiastic and energized! It wasn’t just some rah-rah, feel good session - Jason gave us all practical, powerful tools that we were able to implement immediately to become Self-Leaders in our lives and businesses."

Carla E.
Conference Coordinator, Nat'l Association of Residential Property Managers

"Jason Goldberg is the Jimmy Fallon of Personal Growth"

Linda G.
Jason Goldberg's Mom

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